Why investing in Indian airlines is a bad idea

                        Although New Delhi ended the state monopoly two decades ago, it has not created a level playing field for private carriers in the aviation industry. Unless that changes, the industry could continue to struggle.
                        May 03, 2019

                        Hyflux tries to work out survival plan

                        Hyflux faces fresh potential claims over its plant in Algeria, while the Singapore state utility board and Maybank are taking over its Singapore plant.
                        April 23, 2019

                        Singapore's Hyflux besieged on several fronts

                        The distressed utility group, already facing potential legal action in Algeria and from retail investors at home, is now squabbling with two would-be Indonesia white nights.
                        March 27, 2019

                        ADM sees opportunity in distressed debt

                        ADM Capital has been seeking debt financing opportunities among distressed Chinese companies for more than 15 years. While that opportunity remains strong, its funding of outbound deals is shrinking.
                        March 25, 2019

                        Hyflux debt crisis could lead to lawsuit

                        Hundreds of retail investors have opposed a plan by Hyflux to restructure its debt, and some retail investors are contemplating legal action against the Singapore-listed company's board.
                        March 20, 2019