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                        • WEBINAR: Investing in the Philippines’ Infrastructure Story

                          Broadcast date: 29 August 2017 11:00 AM
                          Description :

                          FinanceAsia in partnership with BPI Capital Corporation, hosted the complimentary webinar “Investing in the Philippines’ Infrastructure Story”, which went live on Wednesday 29th August, 11:00am HKT & SGT / 11:00pm EDT.

                          The webinar has covered:

                          • Executing the Philippine infrastructure programme under Dutertenomics and an overview of the programme
                          • Protection and rights investors and corporates can expect when investing in infrastructure
                          • Economic outlook for the Philippines and Sustaining 7% growth
                          • Opportunities for the Philippines using the Belt and Road initiative to promote economic development in a sustainable way
                          • New structures and funding formats that are being developed to ensure that projects come to fruition and finance risks are overcome
                          • Big ticket infrastructure projects scheduled or in play where private investors can play a role
                        • WEBINAR: China private equity comes of age

                          Broadcast date: 15 December 2016 3:00 PM
                          Description :


                          China continues to dominate the private equity landscape in Asia Pacific and private equity firms have raised record amounts of capital to put to work. However there are challenges ahead: entry multiples remain stubbornly high while volatile stock markets make exits via IPOs difficult. 

                          We discussed how private equity firms can enhance their chances of successful M&A exits. Listen to the webinar, which went live Thursday 15th December, and learn:

                          • How to achieve high exit multiples as economic growth slows
                          • How to boost chances of M&A success as the IPO exit route remains challenging
                          • Who are the potential buyers of portfolio companies in China as more domestic companies focus on overseas investments or retrench domestically to protect core operations
                          • Are LBOs in China more likely as growth capital investments become less viable as economic growth slows
                          • How have recent regulatory developments impacted the M&A process
                          • How technology can facilitate and increase efficiency of financial transactions

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                        • WEBINAR: China Credit: Assessing China’s New Normal

                          Broadcast date: 14 May 2015 12:00 AM
                          Description :

                          WEBINAR: China Credit: Assessing China’s New Normal
                          Broadcast date: 14 May 2015, 10:30 AM
                          ·         - How will China's economic slowdown affect companies and banks?

                          ·         - Is China heading for more defaults?

                          ·         - Is the worst over for the property sector?

                          ·         - What will happen to local government debt vehicle (LGFV) loans?

                          ·         - What is the impact of China's interest rate liberalization on the banking sector?

                          The upcoming webinar will feature the following participants:
                          Mr Christopher Lee, Managing Director, Corporate Credit Ratings at Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services
                          Mr Qiang Liao, Senior Director, Financial Institutions Ratings at Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services
                          Mr Angus Hui, Fund Manager, Asian Fixed Income at Schroders
                          With moderator Rupert Walker, Contributing Editor of FinanceAsia
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                        • WEBINAR: KYC: Meeting regulations while managing costs

                          Broadcast date: 7 May 2015 4:30 PM
                          Description :

                          In APAC and internationally, financial institutions are struggling with how to meet complex and evolving KYC requirements. In Asia, multiple jurisdictions further complicate the situation. Not only do risk and compliance managers need to keep up with the latest regulatory changes – they also need to manage their costs.

                          Is it possible to comply with local and global regulations without exponentially increasing costs? Is there a best practice for dealing with overlapping guidelines? What can be done about the delays in client onboarding due to compliance?


                          The upcoming webinar will featuring the following participants:


                          John May, CEO at Markit | Genpact. KYC Services


                          Robert Benyo, Managing Director, Group Operations at UBS


                          With Moderator Alison Tudor-Ackroyd, Editor of FinanceAsia

                        • WEBINAR: Stock Connect and what it means for you

                          Broadcast date: 10 December 2014 11:12 AM
                          Description :

                          Since the launch of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, northbound quotas have not been heavily subscribed, and southbound quotas have seen very little activity. Yet it represents another step toward internationalising China’s capital markets.

                          Is Stock Connect the milestone it has been hyped as? What are the risks to investors regarding markets, execution and compliance? How important is the scheme, both in its own right, as well as in the context of China’s liberalisation agenda?

                          FinanceAsia and AsianInvestor hosted a webinar on December 10 to analyse these issues and address questions from a live audience.

                          Register here to download the free one-hour webcast, featuring the following participants:

                          Kenneth Kok, executive director, equities, Goldman Sachs

                          Ting Li, senior managing director, State Street Global Advisors

                          Chia Chin-Ping, head of equity research, Asia Pacific, MSCI

                          Henry Chan, chief investment officer, BEA Union Investment

                          With moderator Jame DiBiasio, editorial director, Haymarket Financial Media


                        • WEBINAR: NSW Treasurer outlines asset sale plans

                          Broadcast date: 3 December 2014 11:30 AM
                          Description :

                          New South Wales is just one Australian state planning to sell infrastructure assets to private sector interests in coming years.

                          The government has already flagged the sale of 49% of its electricity distribution assets via a long-term lease structure in a deal worth an estimated A$40 billion (US$33 billion).

                          NSW Treasurer Andrew Constance and two executives from National Australia Bank’s capital markets team joined FinanceAsia to talk about the government’s asset recycling programme and how institutional funds will be encouraged to invest.

                          Constance, who also holds the post of Minister for Industrial Relations, outlined a list of new and existing projects and talked about the challenge of sequencing asset sales with other states in order to optimise value.

                          NAB’s executive general manager of capital financing, Steve Lambert, and the bank’s head of energy, utilities and infrastructure, Fiona McIntyre, talked about where the funding will come from to create competitive tension for the assets.

                          Lambert and McIntyre speculated on how the capital markets might innovate to stretch to the necessary volumes, and spoke about the impact of a recent determination from the Australian Energy Regulator on the sale of electricity distribution assets.

                          In addition, we asked the live registered audience about their current exposure to Australian infrastructure assets and what type of investments they are likely to make in the future.

                          To listen to the conversation, please click here. if you are having difficulty accessing the site, the URL is http://www.media-server.com/m/p/vvoutx3y.






                        • CNH and Corporate Hedging in Asia

                          Broadcast date: 3 November 2011 12:30 PM
                          Description : Global markets have seen unprecedented turmoil since the global financial crisis and more recently, the US rating downgrade. Against a backdrop of such uncertainties, how do you manage risk given the complexity of the various hedging tools that exist? And, how do you take advantage of new opportunities such as China?s offshore deliverable RMB, i.e., the CNH market? Join Bloomberg?s Alison Fletcher, along with leading experts- Robert Minikin, FX Strategist, Standard Chartered Bank and Adrian Teng, Group Treasurer from Jardine Matheson, as they discuss all this and more.

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